Total IT Care

You Focus on Business. We’ll Focus on IT.


Total IT Care

You Focus on Business. We’ll Focus on IT.

Unleash your business potential while we ensure your technology is streamlined and secure. Experience the freedom to innovate and grow with PBS Total IT Care.

Revolutionizing IT Management with PBS IT Total Care

In today's business world, integrating technology seamlessly is crucial for success. Managing the complexities of ever-evolving tech can be overwhelming, but PBS is here to simplify this for you. Our program transforms IT management from a challenge into an opportunity for growth, allowing you to focus on expanding your business in a streamlined IT environment.

  • Simplifying Technology: Seamlessly integrate technology into your business, we transform complex IT management into a streamlined, worry-free experience.
  • Empowering Growth: More than just IT management; we're a catalyst for innovation and progress.

Customized Solutions and Financial Flexibility

Understanding that each business has distinct IT needs and financial constraints, PBS offers customized solutions and flexible financing options. We work closely with you to craft integration plans that dovetail with your current operations and financial strategies, ensuring a smooth transition and performance optimization.

  • Tailored IT Services: We create integration plans that align with your unique business requirements.
  • Flexible Financing: We collaborate with financial institutions to provide manageable and predictable investments over a minimum 3-year term.

Total IT Care Plus: Onsite IT Support by PBS

With the introduction of Total IT Care Plus, PBS is taking its commitment to exceptional IT service one step further. This exclusive addition to our Total IT Care program offers the unique advantage of having our skilled IT professionals onsite at your business location. Total IT Care Plus is designed for organizations seeking the highest level of IT support, combining the convenience of in-person assistance with the expertise of our dedicated team.

  • Onsite IT Expertise: Direct access to our experienced IT staff right at your workplace.
  • Immediate Assistance: Benefit from real-time support and rapid problem-solving capabilities.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Close collaboration with our team to ensure your IT infrastructure aligns seamlessly with your business operations.
  • Personalized IT Strategy: Develop and implement IT strategies tailored specifically to your business needs with our experts on the ground.

Total IT Care Plus is the ultimate solution for businesses looking for an integrated, hands-on approach to IT management, ensuring your technology needs are met promptly and efficiently.

Our Comprehensive IT Services

The right technology is fundamental to modern business, and at PBS, we offer an extensive suite of IT services to cater to the varied needs of today's businesses. From ensuring security to pioneering telemedicine services, our range is designed to not just help your business survive but to thrive in the digital age.

Each service is meticulously crafted to ensure your business gains security, efficiency, and maintains a competitive edge.

  • Boosting Productivity and Profitability: Our managed services are designed to enhance your operational efficiency, directly impacting your bottom line.
  • Strengthening Business Operations: Solidifying your business processes for more robust and reliable operations.
  • Competitive Edge: Providing advanced IT solutions that give your business a significant competitive advantage in your industry.
  • Creating Safer Communities: Our approach focuses on enhancing safety and instilling confidence in community security.
  • Restoring Trust in Armed Forces: Collaborating to rebuild trust and assurance in our armed forces through transparency and accountability."
  • Innovative Criminal Deterrence: Implementing novel strategies to proactively deter criminal activities, ensuring safer environments for all.
  • Securing Your Business: Implementing comprehensive disaster recovery plans to protect your business from unforeseen events.
  • Business Resiliency: Ensuring your business remains resilient and operational even in the face of disruptions.

Protecting Your Reputation: Our cybersecurity services are focused on safeguarding your business's digital integrity and maintaining your hard-earned reputation.

Why PBS Total IT Care is the Right Choice for Your Business

  • Unparalleled Expertise: Benefit from our decades of experience in delivering top-tier IT services.
  • Custom-Fit Solutions: Our services are molded to meet your specific business needs, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Future-Ready Strategies: Stay ahead in your industry with our forward-thinking IT approaches.
  • Technology-Driven Growth: Leverage our cutting-edge technology solutions to drive your business growth.